Calgary Civic Symphony

Civic 23-24

The Client

The Calgary Civic Symphony has been performing live orchestra music in Calgary for over forty years. Begun as a venue for non-professional or retired musicians, the Civic Symphony has grown in both numbers and artistic excellence. These passionate and highly-skilled volunteer musicians have diverse backgrounds and day jobs, but are united by their desire to play and share exceptional music.

23-24 Season Brochure

The Season brochure is distributed at the final concert of the season. It is the first – and one of the only – touchpoints for reaching out to current subscribers and concert attendees.

Expressive skies and an intense coral-fuschia colour pulled from the cover photo come together to represent the overall 23/24 Season in the absence of a theme that bridges all concerts. It was designed in such a way that each concert is designated its own panel, and the brochure can be unfolded to display the entire season at once.

Concert Posters

Dramatic black and white landscape photos convey a sense of place related to each concert. An element of each photo is close-cropped and spills over the top margin, while a common “waterline margin” runs across all compositions, providing visual consistency when seen together.

Each concert’s feature colour is derived from the coloured aspect of its photo. Harmonious mid-value colours allow each concert to use text in both black and white for emphasis, and this palette transitions smoothly between the different concerts throughout the season.

Digital Deliverables

Instagram posts, website banners and other online promotions are one of the low-cost ways the Civic keeps their audiences engaged.