Featured Client: Enbridge

The Client

Enbridge is a multinational diversified energy company which owns and operates energy infrastructure and pipelines throughout Canada and the United States. It moves about 30% of North America’s crude oil, 20% of natural gas, and has a growing renewable energy portfolio.  

Energy Matters Annual Report

“There is a growing dialogue around energy issues. It’s an important discussion for us all to be a part of.”

This Annual Report highlights the importance of discussing Energy Matters, because energy matters in our daily lives

This report proposes questions that are of interest to various stakeholders — including the general public, shareholders, customers, and  partners — and provides Enbridge’s perspective in a transparent manner, presented by leaders within the organization, and supported by facts and statistics.

This 195-page report was published in english and french, in print and online.

Enbridge ENF Stability Matters Annual Report

One of the challenges of providing Investor Relations materials for a large organization like Enbridge is developing and articulating a broad reporting theme across the multi-faceted businesses, including Enbridge Income Fund Holdings (ENF). This publication needed to relate back to the main “Energy Matters” concept, while communicating specifically to the ENF target audience which expects reliable and predictable dividends. 

Enbridge Annual Report Series

This series of annual reports targeted messages to each of the stakeholder groups via large quotes directly related to their concerns. The main ENB report was split into separate publications for the editorial and financial audiences.

Enbridge Annual Reporting

A sampling of previous Enbridge Annual Reports